Friday, January 10, 2014

First blog post for the year 2014! ^_^

Before I proceed with this first blog post of the year 2014, here's wishing all of ya once again..

Happy New Year 2014!!!

(Yeah, sorry for being a little late in wishing here as I've been extremely busy as usual.. LOL!)

On the first day of the new year 2014, I was so happy coz' I finally accomplished something I had wanted to do for months!

Due to both our busy work schedules, it was months since I met up with my dad!

Been wanting to "date" him for a meal /drink for so long!

Finally managed to meet him up & treated him to a dinner that night!

We had a good time! ^_^


The year 2014 also started with no lack of good food for me! ^_^

And of course, how can the year 2014 start without my comfort food such as these?!

항상 내 안락 음식

늦은 밤 간식! #떡볶이! #ricecake

Met up with 사촌 on one of the cold nights earlier this week for dinner!

It was good!

Thanks for the treat!

Was given the privilege of having Orchard Hotel Singapore invite me & my committee team members to a very sumptuous Chinese dinner on Monday night!

Managed to rush over (arrived a little late though) in the midst of my busy schedule..

The food and service was da bomb!

Thank you, Orchard Hotel Singapore! ^_^

Freaking tired these days..

My schedules' super packed with appointments.. meetings.. events.. activities.. etc. etc. etc...

Even superman needs a rest...

Thus, finally squeezed some time out to meet up with ma gal homie after a very long eventful Wednesday filled with meetings with so many different parties of people!

(It was tiring but fun!)

Chilled out at The Coffee Connoiseur art gallery café ^_^

Cheers to our 17 years of friendship! Such wonderful memories & yes, cheers to many more to come! ^_^


Happy that I'm always so blessed!

Thanks to H&M that I've finally got what I wanted!