Tuesday, January 21, 2014

I'm back! The past 10 days have been very eventful! Been travelling again as usual.. So here's photo galores time once again! LOL!

Before I continue...

Let me just emphasize this for the umpteenth time, for those who don't seem to get it into their heads..

My blog header has been placed there for so many years & of course, for a reason too..

When I'm nice, I'm very nice..

But if one ever steps on my tail..

They better be prepared for the consequences..

Evil look.. lol.. I'm good at being bad.. lol

Can't deny the fact that I've been living a very blessed life since birth till this very day..

Like the saying goes.. Born with a silver spoon in my mouth..

In case, you guys are wondering..

These tattoos ain't new.. Got them inked sometime last year.. ^_-

13th of January 2014 - My maternal grandpa's 3rd year death anniversary



To lighten up my mood, guess what I did? LOL!

Yeah! There I go again..

Shopping! LOL!

And I went..


Happy ^_^


Love my new backpack bag from Marc Jacobs..

And Jenny @ Marc Jacobs, if you are reading this, just wanna say

Thank you!

Excellent service & you are so friendly!

It's been my pleasure meeting you & knowing you!

Glad to have made a new friend in you!

See you again soon! :)

And also wanna thank you, COACH, for the notebook..

It sure come in useful & handy especially during my year 2 Jap class this year (which has just commenced).


Exquis délicieux baby!


Doom DaDa..

Do I rock Tom Ford? ^_-

@ Dinner & Dance event

Yeah.. That's me alright!

Yo! We swag yo, bro!

Me & da homies


Having 2-3 hours of Zzzz after the afterparty, I was off to another country!

Guess where?


Here's the pic..

*Hint: You may click on the Instagram pic for more details

It was a great short getaway!

And a fruitful one too!

Managed to go swimming, bowling, cycling, jogging, hit the gym, and even got myself a full body massage!

All complimentary by the hotel management! ^_^


As usual, I'm always so blessed indeed!


19th of Jan 2014: 6.30am Indo time. After a jog by the beach, I hit the gym.

The loneliness of self-discipline...

Si vive una sola volta


That's me.. ;)

행복한!발견 나의 안락 음식!^_^


I'm home!

But next week.. off I go again for another getaway!