Wednesday, February 5, 2014

I'm back again! From not just one but two long getaways during this Lunar New Year season!

응?! 하하! GT! That's me!



Time really flies..

Time & tide waits for no man..

Another year has passed & it's the year 2014 now..

Yup! In case you're wondering.. This is one of the clocks in my home..

Specially designed & assembled by yours truly! (when I was bored at times.. LOL) ^__^

So before I continue with this blog post of mine..

Let me not forget, during this festive Lunar New Year season, to present a toast to all of you, my faithful blog fans & readers, for always being here for me!!!

Cheers to another wonderful year ahead!!!


Also thank God for speedy recovery & for healing me..

More than a week ago, after I returned from my overseas getaway to Indonesia, (as you can see the pics I took from my previous blog post), I was down with fever & flu for about 3 days or so..

The doctor made me do a blood test to find out the cause of my persistent on/off fever then..

Fortunately, the blood test results were negative & they found that there was nothing wrong with me..

Upon completing the medication (antibiotics), I was back to my usual active self. ^_^

I had the opportunity to read some of these while I was resting & recovering..

Bestie did something really sweet for me while I was freaking busy with activities; events; work; exams etc. in November & December..

He met up with one of my favourite authors Neil Gaiman & illustrator Chris Riddell & got hold of their autographs specially for me.

How cool is that?! ^_^

Thankyou bestie!

Thank you @neilhimself!

Thank you Chris!

Check out the classic 1995 comics by Neil Gaiman, specially autographed to me by @neilhimself!

Waaayyy cooolll!!! ^__^

One of my super long-time besties was in town!!!

Flew all the way from Taiwan!!!

Thus no way was I gonna let this opportunity slip by without us meeting up for dinner & drinks!!!

And fortunately, I recovered just in time!!!


We had Japanese cuisine for dinner & drinks over at Starbucks! ^_^

So happy! ^_^


I love these!!!

Thank you McDonald's for these adorable shoelace decorations!

And off I went for my 2 getaways during the Lunar New Year festive season!

And as usual, I shall let the pics I took during my getaways do most of the "talking".. LOL!

I just love water, swimming pools, the sun; the sand & the sea.. no matter where I travel to.. LOL!!!

Different Shades of Blue..

And hotel gyms too!

The Loneliness of Self-Discipline


Spongebob wanna wish everyone a Happy Lunar New Year too!



스폰지 밥은 모두에게 행복한 새해를 기원합니다!



Watched ROBOCOP 2014 on the 31st of Jan 2014!

It was really good!!!

Many thumbs-up!!!


It was a lazy weekend getaway for me..

Tried to take an "artistic" photo soaking in the bathtub..



Getaway number 2:

The sun; the sand & the sea again!!!

And swimming pools too!


Just can't get enough!

And of course, not to forget, good food!

@ Hard Rock Café, Hard Rock Hotel

Cup befitting me..

I'm such a diva, living the good life!


*SMILE*! ^_^

Met up with my dad for meal! (as mum's away travelling with my aunts too!)

Happy! ^_^

Also earlier today..

Oppa Gangnam Style!



Love horses!


Here's ending this blog post with this short vid I did..



Don't be deceived.. The above pic was taken the night before..

So guess what I'm ACTUALLY doing now?!

Here's a hint.. LOL!!!

Cos' tonight...


We cheers to me growing a year older in less than an hour's time!!! ^_-


GOTTA GO!!! ^__^