Saturday, February 15, 2014

Happy Belated Birthday to me & Happy Valentine's Day to all! ^3^

6th of February 2014

YES!!! I did it!!!
I survived my birthday replying every single SNS, msgs via LINE/Kakaotalk, every single FB msgs (private & public), every single email etc. etc. wishing me a happy birthday!
 I told myself I'll do it this year, to personally thank every single one (there was more than hundred over in total) & I did it!!!


 And once again, a very big THANKYOU to every single one of you! Love all of ya lots! ^3^

And not to forget,

Happy Valentine's Day my dears!

This is so sweet & sincere I have to post it here!

Despite me receiving many other valuable gifts from many others on my birthday & Valentine's Day, but this is one of my favourite ones because of the sincerity of the giver's heart.

Thankyou dear @peizhi87.

Love ya!

It's a drawing (hand-drawn) of one of my favourite cartoon characters, Doraemon! ^_^


I work hard, I play harder!


My brunch on a relaxing Monday with F. ScottFitzgerald's The Great Gatsby.. Kekeke..

Lunch with da homies on Tuesday!

We had an awesome time!

Thursday morning...

朝食! 渋谷トースト! おいしかった!

And speaking of play...

Here's my new collection of "Superheroes" I've assembled earlier this week!

Leggo! LOL!

Always wonder.. Joker vs Twoface , who is the better villain?

Black Widow vs Wonder Woman , which hot babe will win the fight?