Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Beware the ides of March..... - Julius Caesar - William Shakespeare

Long time no see!!!

Wow.. Just realized that I've not updated my blog for about a month!

So sorry, folks!

It's been a crazy past 1 month!

Been busy as usual..

And before I continue..

I know this is kinda random but I still wanna say

Thank you! 谢谢! ありがとございました! 감사합니다!

for being my faithful blog / Instagram / Facebook fans, followers & readers! ^_^

*kiss kiss* ㅋㅋㅋ

And also thank you to those who surprised me with Valentine's Day gifts! ^_^

You know who you are.. ^_^

누구 ㅋㅋㅋ

Yup! Changed my hair color again! (as I often do so.. lol)

And that's not all..

In the midst of my busyness, I've did some shopping again...

And.. As usual.. I simply can never resist them...

Love black.. G-Shock.. Chromehearts.. Mastermind Japan..

Chromehearts, oh Chromehearts.. Why do I love you so much.. lol..

And bought myself another iPhone 5s!

Damn! Look at the number of phones I have!

3s..4s..5s.. crazy me.. And these are just my phones..

(talk about me residing in the most expensive city in the world.. :p)

But again, I will always & forever thank God for always blessing me..

I've lived a very blessed life since birth..

Born with a silver spoon in my mouth..

Blessed all my life.. never in lack.. never in want..

Blessed from birth, all the way till this very day of my life..

Never ever take God's blessings, riches & prosperity upon my life for granted..

And once again..

Always blessed in my "coming in & going out"..

Thank you! ^_^

Not forgetting..

Thank you ZA, Shiseido!

(even though I've stopped using this brand for quite sometime now) but I may consider using it again because of the pretty pink packaging! LOL

Was also blessed with having the privilege & honour of being invited to Chanel Singapore office two weeks ago..


Dropped by Dr Marten's store along the way & fell in love with these!!!

WANT!!! LOL!!!


Managed to catch a bit of free time last week when I was resting with a slight flu..

I've caught quite a number of movies on DVD & Blu Ray from time to time (when I happen to have some free time)

Out of the lot, there were 2 movies that I liked..

Am a fan of Quentin Tarantino's and Robert Rodriguez's grindhouse films as they are addictively and hilariously #wicked!!!

The Conjuring.

One of the best horror films I have ever watched.

And it's a true story. I should know alright. I have seen some of this "stuff" with my very own eyes.

James Wan did an awesome job bringing it to screen.


So mentioning that I had been busy lately...

What had I've been busy with the past week?

Here's a teaser..

The answer is in my next blog post!

Check it out!