Monday, March 17, 2014

G-Dragon Taeyang Seungri Thinking of You Fan Meeting in Singapore on the 15th of March 2014, held at the Singapore Indoor Stadium

Yeah.. March has been a really busy month for me..

After meeting FTIsland boys on the 8th, next up was da BIGBANG boys - GD, Tae & Ri on the 15th!

So, as always, like what I do for all past concerts such as BIGBANG'S Alive Tour, CNBLUE'S Blue Moon Tour, G-Dragon One of A Kind Tour, 2013 Formula 1 Singtel Singapore Grand Prix featuring BigBang's Fantastic 80min Performance, FTISLAND FTHX Tour, etc etc etc. Next up I'll be posting the videos & photos I took from the G-Dragon Taeyang Seungri Thinking of You Fan Meeting in Singapore.

All I can say was despite it being just a "fan meet" with each of them performing a couple of songs each, it was a f**king Saturday night (as quoted from Seungri) of fun & laughter..

The fan meet started off with eight lucky ladies selected from the audience to meet the guys on stage itself.

Three among them were picked to be dressed up with props by the guys..

(The rest were just allowed to take a pic each with da boys.)

The themes were HipHop, Cute & Sexy.. And which Tae, GD & Seungri were supposed to dressed up "their gals" respectively.

It was a hilarious time of fun & laughter watching them..

Poor gals.. LOL!!!

Here's the video clip (cr:

Check out this web link below for more pics & read up more about the event: (cr:

Seungri rebels against G-Dragon at S’pore fan meet

And without much further ado, here are some of the vids (not all though) I took of da boys' songs performances that night which I've uploaded onto my Instagram the next morning!


Yeah, these guys deserve a round of applause.. Read my caption on my Instagram & you'll know why.. LOL!!!

A surprising & most embarrassing secret revealed!!! Read my caption to know the truth!


Ringa Linga by Taeyang

What Can I do by Seungri

One of a Kind by G-Dragon

Michigo by G-Dragon

Crayon by G-Dragon

Crooked by G-Dragon

Fantastic Baby by G-Dragon, Taeyang & Seungri

Check out this album link below on my FB page for more of the pics I took at the event: