Friday, April 11, 2014

Amazing April... Anticipating...

April has been amazing for me so far..

Anticipating towards what lies ahead..

Shall not reveal much till the time comes.. ^_-

At the meantime, here's how this month's been for me so far..

I always like gifts! (who doesn't?!) They cheer me up too! LOL!

Thank you #Mastermind, #MastermindWorld, #MastermindJapan.. ^_^

Thank you #Bape, #BathingApe, #abathingape.. ^_^

Love this!


All Eyes On Me..

I hate this feeling I've been having so far this month...

A handful of my besties know how I'm feeling since I've shared with them...

I prefer not to talk about it..

Sorry for not sharing much about it..

I choose not to for now..

I hope I'll snap out of it in due time..

It takes time...

And I always thank God for my besties..

I have a handful of them & whenever I'm feeling blue, meeting up with any of them to eat, drink, smoke, laugh, always makes me feel betta..

To my 2 close buddies who met me up one over week ago: Thank you for that night! You know who you are. Super love to both of ya! Love ya forever!


While I'm waiting & anticipating...

Let me take a selfie.. LOL!

Watched Captain America 2: The Winter Soldier last Friday night..

It was smashing awesome!!!


Like I've mentioned earlier, I have new stuffs I'm working on...

So... here's a "teaser".. LOL

Guess who?


Ok, don't kill me for this, Calvin bro @headline_store ;p

I love Bearbrick / Bearbricks...

Too Fast To Live Too Young To Die...



Thank you bestie for the Limited Edition The Amazing Spiderman 2 snapback from Sony Pictures! :)


This Tiger Radler beer is dope!

Who cares about no makeup on.

Who cares about my bed hair/messy hair.

I have my beer!



2 of my besties & I ate this much & more 2 nights ago @ Ryoshi Sushi Ikeikemaru!!!