Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Saturday, 12th of April 2014:

Thank you The Live Radio Sg Live01FM for having me as your guest DJ on this day ^_^

Had lotsa fun with Deejay EC & Nora! Thanks once again, The Live Radio Sg Live01FM, EC & Nora! ^_^

Look at me doing the silly ear-to-ear grin.. lol

Sunday, 13th of April 2014:

I always love ice-cream..

No better combination than ice-cream &
Andy Warhol @ Ice-Cream Gallery! Heaven! LOL!


Tuesday, 15th of April 2014:

While MARVEL's filming The Avengers: Age of Ultron in South Korea now. These guys decided to stay at my place instead. ㅋㅋㅋ

Where's the leader? Captain America? Well, he missed his flight so he's still on his way from America! LOL!

Incredible Hulk.. Thor.. Spiderman/Spidey.. Ironman.. Wolverine..

Thank you Action City for the very adorable gift ^_^

Wednesday, 16th of April 2014:

About food...




Design your own sushi..

me love sushi.. never enough!

Awesome salad @ My Awesome Café..

Mr Fighting Fish says: "Wait a minute.. Is that Mr Salmon I see on your plate?"

Me: :p


Love my new Dr Martens Agyness Deyn Jadon 8-Eye-Boot & Medicom toy 100% 70mm animal Bearbrick Series27

Remember these, anybody?

Thursday, 17th of April 2014:

Thank you to the team @ Coach Singapore/New York office.

I had an enjoyable time too! ^_^

Friday, 18th of April 2014:

Beautiful! Mesmerizing!

Songs of the Sea @ Sentosa Island, Siloso Beach, Singapore

Saturday, 19th of April 2014:

Work hard Play hard.

Thank you for these surprise pics of me, @headline_store!

Sunday, 20th of April 2014:



First Time In Asia & I'm so happy I was there @ SalvadorDali: The Argillet Collection Art Exhibition.

Salvador Dali's such an extremely talented artist & I'm such a fan of his works.

Originating from the renowned Pierre Argillet Collection, the exhibition of over 100 works including etchings, drawings and tapestries were amazing!

Among the 100 over works, this is one of my favorites!

Wednesday, 23rd of April 2014:

Spongebob Squarepants & Gary wishes everybody a great day ahead!


As for me...

I'll continue...