Wednesday, May 14, 2014

2014 CNBLUE Live Can't Stop in Singapore

Yup! The CNBLUE boys were in town during the past weekend!

And yes, as always, I was there at their concert to support them as usual.

And I believed that many of my regular blog readers & fans would have noticed by now that since the beginning of this year, I did not take as many photos and videos as I used to take for most past concerts I went to the previous years. (BIGBANG, CNBLUE, G-Dragon, FTISLAND etc. etc.) coz' all I just wanna do then was to have a rockin' good time with da boys instead!

2014 & 2013 had me busy attending so many concerts! LOL!

FTISLAND.. BIGBANG.. G-Dragon.. CNBLUE.. etc etc etc!

Always there to support these guys!

And yes, we always have a good time! ^_^

So coming up in this blog post, I'm gonna upload some of the few short videos (not all) & vid collages which I've took during their concert.

These short vids were all taken via my mobile during the con & uploaded onto my public Instagram account @

They are also available for viewing via my public Instagram account & my Facebook

2014 CNBLUE Can't Stop concert Live in Singapore held at Singapore Indoor Stadium on the 10th of May 2014

[Instagram videos are restricted to only 15secs for each video clip. :(]

In my head...

Teardrops in the rain...

I'm sorry...

Here are a few more video links from the concert: (cr:

CNBLUE - Time is over

CNBLUE - Diamond Girl

CNBLUE - Intuition

2014 CNBLUE Live Can't Stop In SG concert was a huge success!

Thanks for everything guys! @CNBLUE_4 @JYHeffect @cnbluegt @MentalShin @kmh_cndr.

For more pics I took at the concert, you may check out this photo album link on my Facebook profile:

Here's the link to photos & article covered on their 2014 CNBLUE Can't Stop Live in Singapore held at Singapore Indoor Stadium on the 10th of May 2014: (cr: xinmsn)

Here's the links to photos, article and video covered on their interview before the concert: (cr: xinmsn)