Monday, May 26, 2014

Money is the answer to almost anything ^_^

Hi, I'm back & to be extremely honest, I have no idea where & how to start penning this blog post as the past two weeks had been extremely eventful for me as I believe it would have been for all of you reading this too.


Let me start by mentioning this...

Have you guys checked out MJ's latest album?!

If not, please do!

Yes, he did it again!

Xscape is the second posthumous compilation album of previously unreleased tracks by American recording artist Michael Jackson

It was released on May 9, 2014 by Epic Records and MJJ Music. It is the eleventh album released by Sony and Motown since Jackson's death in June 2009.

I love it! (still love MJ all these years since I was a kid..)


Speaking of love, of course, how can I not blog about what I love & for those of you who are my regular blog readers & fans, one thing I will always never fail to blog about is... food!!!

Yeah, I love eating good food & thank God I am sooo blessed with the fact that I can eat lots & never put on weight all my life!

It's in the genes..

All my life I can never seem to put on weight!

Forever stuck at the weight of 40plus kg! The heaviest I ever weighed was 53 kg & that was like donkey years ago..

I have been destined to weigh at 47-48kg for years & years now.. no matter how much I eat.. :( Sigh..

Yeah, go ahead & envy me.. I've gotten used to it.. :p

So speaking of food, can you guess what these are?

Yeah! Awesome stuff! Escargots!!!

They are the best! LOL!

Poor snails... :P

I'm sorry but they are so delicious, I couldn't resist.. :P

Coming up are some more food pics.. (Don't kill me..)

I love dining at Hard Rock Cafe..

As a Rockstar member with them, I absolutely love their dishes & their ambience..

Absolutely smashing! :D


Apart from frequenting Hard Rock Cafe, another place I love hanging out in Singapore is Sentosa!

Yeah, also a member there, I love hanging out at the cafes, bars, eateries, the places & the adventure rides there, in fact, I love hanging out anywhere in Sentosa, I even have friends staying there!

My latest fav. hang out there is Sentosa Cove.

Visited one of my besties' residing there sometime 2 weeks ago.

She happens to be residing in Sentosa Cove.

I absolutely love that place & am considering either purchasing or renting a boat there.

After visiting her at her residence by the sea, together with another bestie of mine, we hanged out at the cafes, bars & eateries there..

Took this panorama view there.

Pretty right? Visited Sentosa Cove quite a number of times thru' the years but had never took a proper pic till then. 

Took a few more pics but have uploaded them onto my private Instagram account instead. LOL.

Speaking of places & food..

I took a day off for my personal leisure time a week ago & together with a close "sister" of mine, we went to recce cafes in Singapore! 

Of coz, we weren't able to visit every single one as there are too many in SG!!!

But we did manage to visit about 12 in total! 

Now that ain't bad! 12 in a day!

I've uploaded all the pics into an album in my FaceBook account.

Do check them out!

Here's the link: 


It's been some time now but I'm still trying to adapt to my dark brown hair.

It's been an extremely long while since I had my hair in such a dark color...

Personally feel that bright colored hair suits me better.. (I change my hair color so often till I lost count!)

Took this pic last Monday.. I'll explain why later.. :p

Was feeling quite down the past 1 - 2 weeks..

Even Ted felt the same?

My dear thunderbuddy Ted, why do you look so sad?

나도 요즘 같은 느낌

While I was feeling down & depressed, I went to cheer myself up by going to watch this movie - Godzilla

All I can say is...

Godzilla 2014 is a MUST-WATCH!!! Omg!!! This movie is so awesome!!! And this reboot stayed faithfully close to the original from 1954.

I LOVE YOU GODZILLA!!! What an awesome monster!!! Thank you for saving the people & the city!!! (oops! Shouldn't reveal spoilers here)

GO WATCH IT everybody!!!


And back to what I was sharing earlier.. I was feeling down & depressed the past 1-2 weeks because of a personal issue.

But all I can say is thank God I'm recovering from it emotionally & physically now as I speak..

Hmm.. I bet many of you must be very curious.. from the way I've been so secretive about it.. LOL!

Well.. this pic I posted on my public Instagram account actually described my feelings accurately how I felt at the beginning..

But then as the days went by, I remembered what I've always believed in, that we will always be able to get what we want if we are desperate to try real hard!

Well, that is one way.. on the other hand, to be extremely honest, I've also always believed that money is the answer to almost anything..

And yes, disagree with me if you'll like to, but I have never believed in the saying that goes: Money cannot buy happiness. Let me tell you.. That saying is utter BULLSHIT.

Coz' let me speak out of experience. Coming from where I am, and with my family background & financial status, money is the answer to almost anything!

Only the poor will say such crap.

Anyway, to cut my long muse short, I posted this on my public Instagram account recently, after everything..

(And yes, to answer those who are curious from what I've just shared, money DID get me what I wanted quickly. And I'm glad I did it. :p)

There's always sunshine after the rain. Thank God for that.

It's been a tough 1-2 weeks for me. But thank God I'm recovering well now (emotionally & physically).

Everything's gonna be all right! Looking forward to the days to come! (Must say it was a new & first time experience for me.)

wanna take this opportunity to thank a few of my besties who knew what I went through & for always being there for me, encouraging me, & comforting me; giving me the moral support I need most during this time. Love ya my dears! :) (you know who you are.. Hehe) ;)