Sunday, September 28, 2014

To all ladies reading this: BEWARE of this fugly monkey of an asshole by the name of - Davis Lee

Ladies, beware of this fugly monkey of an asshole by the name of - Davis Lee

Yeah. I believe, as most of you my faithful blog readers & fans of many years know me well. I had never & will never hesitate to lash out & warn others of some assholes I, myself or any of my friends; girlfriends or anyone in particular had an encounter with in our lives.

So despite my busyness of the past week, I've decided to stop by here to blog this post on this fugly monkey of an asshole to warn all you ladies out there to avoid him like a plague.

Why call him "monkey"? One must be wondering? Well, because he looks like one, of course!

Here's a pic of his face & I believe you'll agree with me.

Not only does he look like a monkey (I think this is an insult to all the monkeys as they are all way cuter than this human baboon) but his personality & character is way worse than any creature in the animal kingdom.

To cut to the chase, to everyone reading this blog post, especially the ladies, do beware of this ass.

If you happen to have him or added him in your Facebook friend list or he is following you on Instagram or you are following him, immediately unfriend him, unfollow him & best, BLOCK him!

Cos' you may be the next victim of his!

Here's what will happen:

He will add you in Facebook / Instagram, and after you have added him, he will private message you cordially & very politely, in a very civil manner, explaining he wants to know you better as a friend. And one will think he is very sincere to wanting to befriend you & sincere in wanting to make friends with people in his Facebook & Instagram list. He'll exchange numbers with you to gain your trust.

After one has exchanged numbers with him, he'll start to send you messages on yr mobile phone from time to time to maintain his so-called friendship with you and to get to know you better and he will also mention that he would hope to meet up with you in person etc.

I believe he does this same routine to every girl he "has his eyes on". He will also keep stalking the girls' Facebook & Instagram activities, the pics they post etc. And comment on them, mentioning how pretty they are & how much he hopes to meet them.

I shudder at the thought of how many gals he has actually stalked & met & what could have happened to them & all those whom he had met & done stuff to upon which they have no way to and can't voice out their grievances to others having met such assholes.

Fortunately for someone I know, (shall not reveal her identity here for confidential reasons), he added her via Facebook & Instagram & carried out all the above stated.

However, because she was too busy to check every private message he sent to her & she did not reply to all his messages he sent, he was unsuccessful in carrying out his plans.

But he did not let her off so easily either. After sometime when he did not get his way and what he wanted, he became vicious. He commented rude & sarcastic remarks on her Facebook & accused her of being rude and other unkind remarks & stuff about her.

She was shocked because of the false accusations & his sudden rudeness. He even challenged her to block him by insisting that he has done no wrong & insisted that he's the victim instead.

What audacity!!!

And to cut the long story short, she blocked him on Facebook, Instagram & in all other forms of social media & communication.

(I have since done the same too! Haha!)

What a relief & she's so fortunate that he did not get a chance to get to her or harm her in anyway!

But I cannot say that for the many other gals he may have got his filthy "paws" on!

So once again to all the ladies reading this blog post, BEWARE of this fugly monkey of an asshole!

And here's his Facebook profile:

Stay safe, not sorry!