Saturday, September 25, 2010

Food.. movies.. this week! :)

Tried Ajisen Ramen's Tan Tan Ramen on Monday afternoon when I went for lunch with 2 of my colleagues @ Bugis Junction.. :)

Nice... =)

Big Mac Meal @ West Coast Park's McDonald's on Tuesday afternoon.. :d

MOS Burger's Natsumi Fish Burger set meal on Friday afternoon.. :d

Always love the cheese & mayonnaise in it.. :d

My mum's curry chicken! =)

She specially cooked it for me to eat when I went to my parent's place on Friday evening.. =)

My favourite MoGu MoGu drinks.. =)

Pineapple.. Orange.. Apple flavour..

Watched Daybreakers on DVD this week..

Very nice! =)

Also watched Legion on DVD this week..

Super nice! =)