Friday, September 24, 2010


I am definitely not a perfect person..

I am human..

I have my weaknesses.. (and yes, to name them, the list can be as thick as a telephone directory).. LOL.. ;P

And I am not afraid to admit them..

In fact, I am very open to & appreciative of very close friends who share with me very honestly about it (whichever mode/method they choose to) & I learned to take note of what they've very sincerely shared & try my best to do something about it..

We all learn & are still learning through our weaknesses & mistakes ever made in our lives & move on to be better people..

The saddest thing is not everybody can accept their weaknesses..

Some people simply can't handle the truth..

And because of that, they can't seem to move on & progress in life when everyone else around them are..

They think the fault lies with everyone around them; thinking everyone has issues whereas the issue is actually they themselves..

Well.. I can go on musing about this topic.. But I shall not.. LOL.. :p

All I can say is.. as the song sung by Robbie Williams goes.. "Lord I'm doing.. All I can.. To be a better man.."

Despite my weaknesses, God has never failed me..

He's been so good to me my entire life..

I am still so blessed.. =)

Blessed with an awesome job in an awesome company (According to statistics & research done, my company is one of the top ranking companies in Singapore that people want to work for) , in an awesome country (Singapore was also voted as one of the top ranking countries in the world people would want to live in).. =)

Blessed with awesome colleagues; friends; close buddies & BFFs, who are always there for me.. =)

Blessed with an awesome family of my own who stands by me, no matter what.. =)

And the list of my blessings can go on & on..

I am so blessed! =)

God is so good to me.. He always is & always has been.. =)

Maybe that's why my name is called Grace.. LOL.. =P