Sunday, August 24, 2014

High School King of Savvy 고교처세왕 高校處世王

High School King of Savvy's one of the best Korean drama series / South Korean Television Series ever!

I personally hardly have the time to watch television, thus I have only watched a few Korean drama series thus far. I am extremely selective when it comes to watching drama series. 

1) I hardly have the time to watch the entire series 2) I absolutely detest those unrealistic, far-fetched & draggy romance series. But I will take notice of comedies. (Who doesn't wanna have a good laugh at the end of a tiring day of work schedules?)

High School King of Savvy's the most interesting & entertaining comedy series I've ever watched. Never a dull moment!

Every episode is interestingly full of suspense & excitement as to what's gonna happen next. And all these without losing a single ounce of comedy injected into it. Watching every episode, I never failed to LOL, ROFL & LMAO at every single character in the story.

I must compliment every single character in the series as they were individually outstanding in acting out their roles! A standing ovation to every single one of them!

And needless to say, apart from bringing loads of laughter to viewers, viewers will never fail to get to see the eye candies - Seo In Guk & Lee Soo Hyuk, in every episode.

The storyline & plot is very interesting & suspense is built up in every episode as to what's gonna happen in the next.

Mysteries start to unravel & secrets are slowly revealed.

Amazingly & impressively clever storytelling & awesome selection of casts by the producer & director!

Well, I can go on with more elaborate praises I have for this drama series as I have nothing but praises for it as it was an extremely good job done.

So what's next?! For those who have not watched it.. GO WATCH IT, guys!!! Highly recommended by yours truly!