Saturday, October 30, 2010

Been watching the news daily.. Not Singapore news but Taiwan news on TVBS 新闻台。。

Been watching Taiwan's news on TVBS 新闻台 daily this week..

Realizes it helps me further improve my Chinese language skills..

I've gradually realized that my Chinese language skills has improved tremendously through the years.. :)

为自己感到骄傲。。 :)

In fact, this week, I've conducted several trainings in Chinese, as per customers' requests..

A customer even commented that my trainings were very well-presented! :)

听了我真开心。。 :)

Anyway, the entire week on TVBS 新闻台, the media has been covering lots of news in regards to the freak accident that has affected poor Selina Jen,

a member of the Taiwanese girl group - S.H.E.

Selina suffered third-degree burns on close to 50 per cent of her body while filming an explosion scene with Chinese actor Yu Haoming

at a disused factory in Shanghai last Friday.

The two main leads of the musical-turned-drama, I Have a Date With Spring, were apparently caught off-guard when explosives went off simultaneously at all five spots in the factory.

Selina is likely to spend her upcoming birthday in Taipei's Chang Gung Memorial Hospital. She has started basic physiotherapy and may need to undergo skin grafting in a few weeks.

Fans in Singapore have left many words of encouragement for the bubbly pop star, her fiance and her family.

Here's wishing you a speedy recovery, Selina! You are a very brave girl!

Another entertainment news that has been repeatedly reported on TVBS 新闻台is the recent news of celebrity Barbie Hsu

being recently engaged to Wang Xiaofei after a month's relationship..

Barbie Hsu announced in her mini-blog that she’s engaged and she confirmed the guy is Wang Xiaofei who is the son of the founder of South Beauty 俏江南股份有限公司.

And last but not least, the news reported on Tuesday, 26th of October 2010, this week.. that Paul the Octopus is dead.. :(

Poor Paul.. RIP.. :(