Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Down with Love 就想賴著妳

I spent 3 whole nights during the weekend, staying up late to watch the Taiwanese pop idol drama series - Down with Love 就想賴著妳..

Starring Jerry Yan & Ella Chen..

Enjoyed watching this Taiwanese pop idol drama series so much.. :)

Each night, I stayed up late to watch many episodes & managed to finish watching the entire drama series within 3 nights! :)

What a sweet & beautiful love story.. :)

What a cute; adorable & handsome couple (Jerry Yan & Ella Chen).. :)

Ella is so cute & comical.. Jerry is sooo cute, pretty, handsome & gorgeous..

They are so compatible, not just on-screen, but off-screen & in real life too.. :)

Just watching them as a couple, reminds me sooo much of hubby & myself.. :)

All their fans are speculating that they are an off-screen couple as well, as they are seen to be so close & intimate with each other in public, openly showing lots of public displays of affection to each other & enjoying holding each other's hands all the time.. :)

It seems very obvious they are an item..

They seem so in love with each other..

In fact, they have made it very obvious to the media & have even hinted to the media many times before..

Jerry has even mentioned that Ella has changed him alot..

They are just so sweet & happy together.. :)

Really enjoy seeing them together.. :)

They look so good together.. :)

So happy for them.. :)

Below are all the photos & videos of their sweetest moments together..
On-screen & off-screen.. :)
Down With Love ~Sweet and Kissing scenes~ Jerry Yan and Ella Chen

On-screen photos & photos taken for the drama..

Showing public displays of affection on-stage & off-screen..

What a sweet couple.. :)

The paparazzi managed to take some snapshots of some of their very intimate moments alone..

Videos of them enjoying their times together.. :)