Friday, April 29, 2011

Time really flies when we are enjoying ourselves.. :) [updated]

I was just deep in thoughts awhile ago & it dawned upon me that time really flies when we are enjoying ourselves..

I've been working in my current company/job/position for more than eight months now & I have never ever experienced an unhappy day or moment.. Ever.. :)

I love this extremely reputable company I'm working for/in.. :)

And am extremely proud of it.. :)

I love the awesome management.. :)

I love my job! [My faithful & regular blog fans & readers should know, by reading my many past blog posts on the details of how awesome & flexible my job is.. ;)]

I love my team mates.. :)

Yup! Every single one of them.. :)

We have so much fun together and work together as a team.. :)

The most important thing is we are all very open to one another, we share with each other lots of stuff, we learn from each other & every single one of us help each other whenever anyone needs help..

We are not just colleagues & team mates, we are like a family! And we have become so close, like "brothers" & "sisters"! [That's why you noticed I've never address my colleagues as colleagues but "brothers" & "sisters" instead.. :)]

I have said it before when I first joined this company & I shall say it again for the umpteenth time... I have never ever been happier in my entire working life! :)

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